Important Dates

Important Roebuck Springs Dates:

1907 – Major Donovan House constructed on Exeter Drive as possible prototype home for development.

1910 – Eastlake Land Company established Roebuck Springs as Birmingham’s first “garden suburb” and begins large scale marketing effort.

1913 – Roebuck Country Club completed and later named Roebuck Golf and Auto Club.

1917 – Wilson Chapel built in the English Arts and Crafts style. First services held on Easter Sunday.

1923 – Last year Roebuck Springs used as residential water source for the area.

1926 – Ridge Top addition to the Roebuck Springs development now known as Roebuck Springs Land Company.

1927 – 1930’s – Original club house at Roebuck Golf Club burns and the city of Birmingham acquires property

1930s – 1940s – Residents reject proposals for sidewalks and streetlights through the Works Progress Administration.

1960s – Interstate 59 construction separates Roebuck Springs development from the Roebuck Golf Course area.

1980s – First book on Roebuck Springs by Mildred Hearn published and first National Registry application completed.

1990s – City of Birmingham and Roebuck Springs leaders implement plans for all estate (E-1) zoning.

1996 – First meeting of the Roebuck Springs Historic Preservation Society.

1999– Roebuck Springs Historic District added to the National Registry of Historic Places. First Historic Home and Garden Tour a success.

1999 – Roebuck Springs Historic Preservation Society wins award recognition by the Jefferson County Historical Commission and the Birmingham Historical Society.

2000 – Roebuck Springs Historic Preservation Society receives non-profit incorporation and elects first officers and board of directors.

2000 – Roebuck Springs and South Roebuck neighborhood named the Birmingham Neighborhood of the Year. First Historic Gala entitled “Jump, Jive & Swing in Roebuck Springs” held at Gabrella Manor.

2001– Second Historic Home & Garden Tour spotlights other historic homes in the district.

2002 – On March 26th the Birmingham City Council officially designates Roebuck Springs as the city’s 5th local historic district.

2002 – Roebuck Springs Historic Preservation Society sponsors local historic preservation conference entitled “Appreciating the Past: Building for the Future.”