3M Headlamp Restoration Package – How To Restore Your Hazy Headlamp Lens

Have your Best Headlamps for 2022 have become hazy? Not merely does it spoil the looks of you vehicle, nevertheless it degrades the efficiency with the lights, which may very well be risky in very poor driving conditions

You can find three possibilities to take care of this. They can be, exchange the lights, get them repaired in a garage or obtain the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit. You should take note – this package is for Plastic Headlight Lens Only

To make use of the kit you need to have (or borrow) a battery or electric drill with a speed between 1200 – 1600rpm. In the event the drill is quicker than 1600rpm then it might lead to injury towards the lens by overheating. Conversely, if your drill is underneath 1200rpm then it is going to not work proficiently with this course of action.

The kit includes of:

1x Backing pad for attachment to your drill
one x Tender Interface Pad
six x P500 Sanding Discs
four x P800 Sanding Discs
one x P3000 Trizact Disc
1 x Orange Foam Sharpening Pad
one x 1oz bottle of Headlight Lens Polish

3M Headlight Restoration Kit Process

Clean up the lens with soapy water

Use masking tape to safeguard any bodywork near on the lens – place at the least two levels on any edges, as these will get weakened should the sander slips

Mount the velcro backing pad into your hand drill.

First of all match the smooth interface pad onto the backing pad, then match a P500 disc onto the interface pad and start to sand the lens, making absolutely sure which the sander is saved going continually.

(failure to complete this will result in the plastic to overheat and burn up) In the event the disc clogs up, you have to swap it.

Wipe from the dust and make sure that the full lens is sanded evenly. Exchange the P500 disc which has a P800 grade and repeat the method, once more wiping from the dust to be certain even sanding. Up coming change the P800 disc which has a P3000 Trizact quality. Employing a spray bottle, moist the disc plus the headlamp lens prior to sanding, and do not enable the lens dry out, spraying as essential.

Now substitute the P3000 Trizact disc with the Orange Foam Polishing Pad. Add a dime dimension sum of polish into the pad and smear it around the lens. Now buff the lens till the haze has cleared (chances are you’ll need to carry this out a couple of occasions)

Clear away any masking and polish the lens which has a microfiber cloth. Your lens should now be pretty much as good as new!

Wherever can i obtain it?

In case you have an interest in obtaining the 3M Headlight Restoration Package then I might recommend you will find the ideal prices on the web.
Restoring your hazed headlamps will increase your visibility which will become extra essential in lousy driving disorders. Whenever you take into consideration you and your family’s basic safety, then for the tiny price tag along with a few hrs perform, it’s to become excellent value for cash.
Being a Wise Repair service Technician, I have been requested very typically if I can restore headlights, so I finally appeared on the internet for and located this product. I take advantage of loads of 3M merchandise and often discovered them to get excellent quality, that’s why I went using this type of system.

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